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The Foundation Gerlesborgsskolan is a school of fine art and a cultural centre open year round and founded in 1944 by the famous artist Arne Isacsson. Gerlesborgsskolan have a solid tradition and a focus on contemporary art. 80% of the Swedish art world has passed through the school in one way or another, and today Sweden’s most valued artists are former Gerlesborg Students.


Gerlesborgsskolan, located on the Swedish west coast is searching for partners in future cultural/ artist project within EU´s upcoming programme Creative Europe. The school and cultural centre wants to apply for a special call for funding that is out now. The call which is called Tema 2013: internationell samverkan (Topic 2013: international cooperation) is for institutions, cooperation’s and organisations etc that is in the developing phase for a bigger international project.


The school conducts approximately 35 short art courses/year and a two year long artist education at two schools in Sweden, Gerlesborg and Stockholm. The ambition is to give the best possible preparations for further studies at various university programmes such as art schools, architecture and design courses but also provide a solid basis for their own work.


The partners that they are looking for shall be schools having fairly equal programmes as Gerlesborgsskolan and that has some kind of future vision on working in/ with international projects.

They should also be able to work with water colours, chalk, wax, sculpture or/and oil pastel. It’s preferable that the teachers joining the project know English.


Gerlesborgsskolan in Bohuslän presents concerts, open lectures and art exhibitions all year, There is also a restaurant.


Gerlesborgsskolan is a non-profit foundation.


Are you interested in joining an exiting future project please contact Birgitta Andrén Åkerblom, CEO of the school, at

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