Imprese ed industria: richiesta partner dalla Spagna

The Diputació de Girona (Girona Provincial Council) would like to to create a consortium with entities distributed in different regions of Europe, which have similar, economic and industrial environments and located in areas BIR- Business Isolation Regions (these areas suffer heavy pressure from large industrial areas with superior resources, which are close to them). These business isolated regions (BIR) need support for their entrepreneurs, not only new entrepreneurs, but also experienced ones, who must face a number of difficulties that hinder their possibilities to create a SME or micro enterprises.

For that reason, it wants to consolidate a consortium of BIRs, who will interact together to foster entrepreneurs.

Deadline for presenting candidatures as a partner: 9° july 2013. ;

Eva Monge

Responsable ED Girona

Parc Científic i Tecnològic de la Universitat de Girona

Edifici Jaume Casademont. Despatx 14, A

C/ Pic de Peguera, 15 17003 Girona

Telf: 972418218/ mòbil: 673004684 (ext:9057)

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