ISTRUZIONE: ricerca partner dalla Germania

The Heinrich-Heine-Europaschule in Dreieich in Hessen near Frankfurt am Main is looking for partners for a school project. Please find attached the project outline in EN.

If you are interested please contact Mr. Uwe Grünhäuser for further information at

Tel: 0049-6103/303323 Fax: 0049-6103/3033259


The Etna-Project

An interdisciplinaire project (geography/chemistry)working on the Italian volcanoes, for students in year 9 and 10 (age 15 and 16 )

The project includes one excursion to the Etna on Sicily.

Possible (geographic) topics:

– The special tectonic situation of Italy

– Applied plate tectonic

– The region of the vesuv

– First signs of a super volcanoe; the Phlegraean Fields and there connection with the vesuv (common chamber of magna)

– Naples – a town in the shadow of one of the most dangerous volcanoes of the world

– The Etna, example of an active volcano

– Field studies, planning of excursions

– Chemical examination of lavastreams

– The anthropogenic function of the volcano

– Prevention of dangers

– (…)


We are now looking for an Italian partnerschool to do a common project – in Italy and in Germany where we could study the very attractive volcanic region of the Eifel.

Some of our students could be “scouts” to show the Italian group the Lake of Laach in the Eastern Eifel or the “Maare”, crater lakes of the Western Eifel. The region around the Lake of Laach would be a perfect base point for explorations of all kinds as the infrastructure is very well developed.

Possible themes there:

– The Caldera of the Lake of Laach as example for an extinct volcano

– The sleeping volcano (there is a chemical proof for CO2-Fumaroles at the Eastern shore of the volcano)

– The “Eyes of the Eifel” – the specific vulcanologic phenonema of the “Maare”

– (…)


Our group size: 10-12 students.

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