ISTRUZIONE: ricerca partner dalla Polonia

School of Law and Administration in Przemysl/Rzeszow is the oldest non-public University in the Sub-Carpathian region. We offer both Bachelor and Master degree programs in three faculties: Law, Administration and Internal Security. SLA is the only non-public University in the Eastern Poland and in the Sub-Carpathian region, as well as one of the 16 non-public Universities in Poland, that is entitled to award the academic title Ph.D. in Law. In that way the School gains the academical status and the affiliation to the best Universities in Poland.

In order to internationalize its studies the School of Law and Administration WSPIA is searching for the partner institutions from the EU countries for the cooperation in the field of the Erasmus program.

Info: Magdalena Kędzior

Punkt Informacji Europejskiej
Europe Direct – Przemyśl
przy Wyższej Szkole Prawa i Administracji
ul. Wybrzeże Ojca Świętego Jana Pawła II 2
37-700 Przemyśl

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