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Europaservicepunt (‘Europe Service Point’), an organisation working on European projects & subsidies in the Northern Netherlands, is looking for organizations to participate in a project proposal on cultural and industrial tourism. They are looking for enthusiastic partners from four participating countries.


The Europaservicepunt (Europe Service Point) is a public agency, founded in 2009 by municipalities and local government bodies in the Northern Netherlands, mainly the province of Drenthe, who are now members of the Europaservicepunt. Europaservicepunt focuses on setting up European projects, the application and management of European subsidies and providing information on European policy and funding on a regional level. We aim to serve the members of Europaservicepunt by keeping them up to date on project opportunities.

The call for cultural and industrial heritage is particularly interesting for the province of Drenthe.

Drenthe is a province located in the northeast of the Netherlands, consisting of 12 municipalities. Our province is much appreciated for its natural and cultural resources. The cultural heritage around Veenhuizen, for example, is nominated for the UNESCO World Heritage Status. The landscape of Drenthe is defined by both prehistoric history, which is shown in Geopark ‘de Hondsrug’, and by the large scale peat excavations in the 20th century. An example of contemporary history is the famous TT in Assen (the capital of Drenthe). This motor racing tour has a wonderful history and attracts thousands of tourists from all over Europe each year.

The tourism industry is one of the main contributors to the economy of Drenthe. However, there is a need to make the touristic highlights of Drenthe more accessible and more attractive for a young audience. The typical tourist in Drenthe is approximately fifty years old. We would like to show the cultural and industrial heritage to a younger audience and make it more interesting for them, so there will be more younger visitors in Drenthe.

The project we propose has the aim of inventing new ways to engage a young audience with industrial and cultural heritage. This can be done, for example, by designing interactive apps that can be used on a smartphone, which allow the user to communicate with other users from different countries, or by using new technology such as sensor technology. Together with project partners we would like to exchange experiences and ideas, thus creating new ways of thinking by combining international experiences with each other.

We are looking for partners in the tourism industry, working with cultural and industrial heritage, from at least four other European countries. Please contact us as soon as possible if you are interested in joining our project.

For more information on the call see DG Enterprise and Industry

Deadline: 31th of July

Contact details

Europaservicepunt (Europe Service Point)

Van Schaikweg 94, 7800 RA Emmen, The Netherlands.

Email info@europaservicepunt.eu,

Phone +31 (0) 591 64 52 77


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